Getting to know your data before executing a campaign allows you to prepare or make necessary adjustments to ensure the best ROI possible. Predicting who and how many will respond to your campaigns could save you thousands of dollars. It’s like having a marketing “crystal ball” supported by proven and tested algorithms.

Lead Tracking
Integrated Analytics CRM

Our proven Lead Tracking system upgraded to a whole other level with Predictive Analytics. Every lead will automatically come with additional critical elements appended allowing you predict and prepare for your customers’ needs.

Direct Mail Campaign

What makes your mail campaigns or advertising methods better than the competition? It’s the effort and preparation that goes behind every campaign. We take it to the next level of success using scientific approaches that will analyze every aspect of the campaign and optimize it for maximum results.

Multichannel Targeted
digital marketing

With the constant information overload consumers are subject to, a single marketing effort may not be good enough to grab their attention. Our multi digital-channel advertising effort will increase your chances at standing out from the crowd by reaching the consumer in their preferred method of shopping!

In-house Database

Your customers’ database is a goldmine. Are you extracting those gold nuggets, potential clients now and in the future? Our Predictive Analytics algorithms can identify your customers’ needs and help you act accordingly using our multi-digital advertising tool. Data mining taken to the next level.


Our Team

We are a team of entrepreneurs, geniuses, nerds, revolutionaries and creative minds in technology, marketing and data science. Our unusual mix of talents bring the never-seen before results to your finger tips.

Our Clients

Automotive Dealerships and their Advertising Agencies greatly benefit from ROI Predictions’ Services. We bring the tools and the know-how for them to excel in their existing marketing and sales practices. We believe in Quantitative Values, Great Customer Service and Scientific Approaches.


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